Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers Review

 Just received this and WOW I am very impressed. 

So impressed I had to do a product review. This Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers is the best thing since sliced bread. It takes just seconds to make an envelope and you can make 60 different sizes of envelopes. It is so simple to use. The best part is that no scissors are required and you don't end up with scraggly corners. It comes with a score tool and a nice slot to keep it in, and a reverse punch that allows you to corner round the envelope on all sides. It is a nice size and will fit in your bag for crops as it is super portable. SWEET !!!!! love love love. I want to give a big shout out to We R Memory Keepers and a thank you for making my crafting experience easier and more enjoyable, taking the frustration out of the equation. THANK YOU!

This is the packaging, nice and clear product info.

 Back of the pakaging, no guess work, it simply tells you what it does.

Instruction sheet, easy peasy to follow.

Card Sizes sheet

the Envelope Punch Board.... ta da 

card sizes are right on the board, no hunting for papers

directions are right on board, again no paper hunting

comes with a sticker with additional card sizes....

score tool which slips into the side of the board

reverse punch

some samples of what I made in 15 minutes

envelope in pretty paper 

this board gets a 10 out of 10 score by me and I would recommend to husband could even fiqure it out first try, not that he ever would...but you get my drift.


  1. I'm so excited!! I ordered one and I've been on the wait list. Well, it finally shipped yesterday. I can't wait to get mine! I do have one question you might can answer, does it have a chart to let us know what size to make the envelope for each card size? Let's say I do a 3x3 card, the envie needs to be a bit bigger right? Thanks so much!

  2. You are welcome. It tells you the card size then the size of paper to cut to make that size and where to score.